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Despite recent headlines that may suggest the contrary, US companies operating in China express increased optimism about business prospects in this country.

The recent spate of accidents in Chinese coal mines draws renewed calls for regulatory changes in the industry.

Argentine veterans gather in Buenos Aires to commemorate their fallen comrades during the Falklands War with Britain 28 years ago.

And the Chinese central government presses forward with plans to create a more equitable and rational income distribution system in its attempt to narrow the wage disparity between urban and rural residents.

Hot Issue Reports

Survey: US Companies Optimistic in Chinese Market
Despite recent headlines that may suggest the contrary, US companies operating in China have expressed increased optimism about business prospects in the country.The renewed optimism is being expressd in a new survey released on Friday by the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

Coal Mine Safety Watchdog Vows to Crack down on Illegal Operations
The recent spate of accidents in Chinese coal mines is drawing new calls for regulatory changes in the industry.
The death toll in a mine blast in Henan has now risen to 19, and another 24 people are still believed trapped underground.
And in Shanxi, 153 people are still trapped underground after the Wangjialing Coal Mine flooded five days ago.
Huang Yi, deputy director of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, says most of the recent accidents were caused by illegal operations and a general lack of safety awareness.
"To cope with the grim situation of work safety, we should take effective measures to contain potential accidents and reinforce the awareness of work safety. At any time and in whatever conditions, we must make work safety our top priority, and put people's lives first. We must further clarify the responsibilities, reinforce supervision and crack down on illegal operations."
In China the fatality rate in 2009 dropped to a record low of about 0.9 deaths per million tons of coal mined, down nearly 25-percent year on year. But the fatality rate is still dozens of times higher than the rates in developed countries like the United States.
Experts suggest a lack of safety awareness is still the main reason why China has such a high fatality rate.
Professor Zhou Xinquan with the China University of Mining and Technology is an expert on the state work safety advisory panel.
"We always put our emphasis in the prevention of accidents in daily work, but we're not prepared for the impacts of emergencies. It is always the inappropriate handling of these emergencies that cause mass fatalities."
He adds that the current contingency mechanism for coal mining accidents is far from adequate, and is calling for it to be revised to better deal with emergencies.

Israel Bombs Gaza in Response to Rocket Attack
Israeli aircrafts struck multiple targets in the Gaza Strip overnight following a rocket attack on southern Israel on Thursday.
No injuries were reported in the latest attack.
People in the area shouted warnings to others as they were running out of enclosure and fleeing area in fear of more airstrikes.
The Israeli military said their aircrafts struck four targets in what they said were two weapons-making factories and two weapons-storage facilities.
Hamas security officials, however, said 10 sites were hit, including a cheese factory, a movie-making complex built by Hamas and open areas where Hamas personnel train.
The military said the airstrikes came in response to Thursday's rocket attack, which caused no injuries.

Russian Rocket Blasts Off, Heads Towards International Space Station
A Russian rocket blasted off from a space center in southern Kazakhstan, transporting two Russian cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut to the International Space Station.
The Soyuz space ship, which thundered into orbit at more than 13-thousand kilometers per hour about 10 minutes into the flight, is scheduled to dock with the space station on Sunday.
Their missions ends in September, just before the US's last-ever shuttle flight launches from the Kennedy Space Center.

Argentina Commemorates 28th Anniversary of Falklands War
Argentine veterans of the Falklands War gathered with their families by the monument for fallen combatants in Buenos Aires to commemorate their comrades 28 years after Argentine forces landed on the islands, known as "Las Malvinas."
Veterans marched with torches and ended their procession at the monument for the victims of the war in the central Plaza san Martin.
The delicate issue regarding the islands has been reignited as Argentina and Britain have been caught in a new spat over the exploitation of vast energy reserves beneath waters in the South Atlantic.
The situation heightened emotions among some of the war veterans, including Jorge Silva.
"What concerns the maritime exploitation, Las Malvinas are Argentine, so British oil companies have been going for licensing exploration over our territory. It is like stealing land from our nation."
The Argentines invaded the islands on April 2, 1982, sparking a 10 week war in which some 650 Argentine troops, more than 250 British personnel and three islanders were killed.
Britain and Argentina re-established full diplomatic ties in 1990, but Buenos Aires continues to claim the islands as its own.

Light News

Income Distribution Reform Progresses in China
The Chinese central government is pressing foward with plans to create a more equitable and rational income distribution system in its attempt to narrow the wage disparity between urban and rural residents. And as we hear from our Chen Zhe, it appears that the reforms are starting to trickle down to the average person.

Yangtze experts say fishing ban alone can't save endangered species
Experts on the Yangtze River here in China are suggesting that while the annual fishing ban that's now in place is needed to protect spawning fish, it's doing little to deal with the overall deterioration of species in this country's longest river.

Spring Tea Price to Soar
This year's cold snap in middle and eastern China, and the drought in the southwest, has greatly reduced spring tea yields this year, causing tea prices to soar.

Europa League quarterfinals roundup
In the Europa League, Fulham moved one step closer to the semifinals by beating German champions Wolfsburg 2-1.
Fulham's manager Roy Hodgson talked about their chances in the second leg after the game.
"I don't even know if we'd have been favourites at 2-0, actually at 2-1 you relinquish your chance at being called favourites because of course if they score a goal and can shut up shop then they'll go through on the away goal.??But the good thing is we go there with a lead at half time 2-1, and they've actually got to score and they've got to beat us, we need a draw or a victory."
In other quarterfinal matches, Benfica beat five-time European champion Liverpool 2-1, while Hamburg also won a 2-1 victory over Standard Liege in the first leg.
Valencia twice rallied to salvage a 2-2 draw against Atletico Madrid, whose away goals gave it the early advantage in the all-Spanish Europa League clash.
Liverpool, Wolfsburg, Standard Liege and Atletico Madrid will host the return matches in the two-game series on April 8.

Media Digest

Newspaper Picks
From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the west coast Canadian province of British Columbia: Wild rabbits are making a mess and creating hazards for athletes and others on the campus of the University of Victoria, leaving officials struggling to come up with a strategy to control the animals.
An estimated 1,300 rabbits now populate the university grounds, leaving droppings, destroying vegetation and digging holes that have become dangerous.
University staff are considering separating the campus into rabbit-free zones and areas where the animals could roam freely. They hope to use a combination of spaying, relocating and culling to control the rabbit problem.
The Rabbits have been a staple on the U-Vic campus for decades, and are considered as pets by many of the students there.

From the Shanghai Daily: Lots more shops and restaurants are coming to the newly opened Hongqiao Transport Hub.
By July 1, when a new high-speed railway line opens, the number of commercial outlets will grow to 160 from the current 26.
The hub's operator says the upcoming outlets will feature brand-name shops and restaurants, offering food and goods at the same prices as their downtown locations, and suggests if any of the stores try to hike up prices, they'll be severely punished.
Higher rents inside terminals usually mean higher prices.

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