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VOA Texts from VOA's Correpondents


  1. 2017-11-30 Turkish Officials Lash Out Against Bribery Claims in New York Trial
  2. 2017-11-30 Trump Administration Stops Short of Calling for Regime Change in North Korea
  3. 2017-11-30 Tensions Rise in Turkey Over Syrian Refugees
  4. 2017-11-30 Record-setting Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends
  5. 2017-11-30 Rare Quake Shudders Through Northeast; Centered in Delaware
  6. 2017-11-30 Possible Deal for Flynn- Washington Reading Tea Leaves
  7. 2017-11-30 Pakistan- Talks Under Way With US to Bridge Differences on Afghan War
  8. 2017-11-30 News Reports Say Trump Plans to Replace Secretary of State With CIA Chief
  9. 2017-11-30 New Dengue Vaccine Could Worsen Disease in Some People
  10. 2017-11-30 National Christmas Tree Lit by Trump and Family
  11. 2017-11-30 More Than 400 US Marines Leaving Syria
  12. 2017-11-30 Merkel, Rival Meet German President Amid Government Impasse
  13. 2017-11-30 Jim Nabors, TV's Gomer Pyle, Dies at 87
  14. 2017-11-30 Italy's Berlusconi Faces New Trial Ahead of 2018 Election
  15. 2017-11-30 Initially Praised, CIA Director Mike Pompeo Has Drawn Criticism
  16. 2017-11-30 German Jobless Rate Hits Best Figure Since 1990 Reunification
  17. 2017-11-30 Fired NBC Host Matt Lauer Apologizes for Sexual Misconduct
  18. 2017-11-30 EU, Africa Leaders to Speed Up Repatriation of Migrants From Libya
  19. 2017-11-30 Congressional Movement Grows to Save DACA by Year's End
  20. 2017-11-30 Armed US Drones to Start Flying Over Niger
  21. 2017-11-30 'Lady Bird' Named Best Picture by New York Film Critics
  22. 2017-11-29 With Deforestation Rising, Colombia Businesses Join Fight to End Destruction
  23. 2017-11-29 US, Britain, France Accused of Snubbing Anti-nuclear Nobel Prize
  24. 2017-11-29 US Trial Threatens Funding for Turkey's Dollar-dependent Banks
  25. 2017-11-29 US Supreme Court Considers Limits on Government in Key Privacy Case
  26. 2017-11-29 US Scientists Take Step Toward Creating Artificial Life
  27. 2017-11-29 US Justice Dept. Announces Policy to Encourage Reporting of Foreign Bribery
  28. 2017-11-29 US Congress Approves Mandatory Anti-Sexual Harassment Training
  29. 2017-11-29 Turkish President Calls Accusations of Family Bank Transfers Abroad Lies
  30. 2017-11-29 Trump Retweets Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Videos
  31. 2017-11-29 Things You Might Not Know About Bubbly Bitcoin
  32. 2017-11-29 TV's Lauer, Radio's Keillor Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Charges
  33. 2017-11-29 Sundance Lineup Includes Robin Williams, Gloria Allred Docs
  34. 2017-11-29 Snapchat Seeks to Attract More Users by Redesigning App
  35. 2017-11-29 Shi’ite Mosque in Pakistani Capital Attacked
  36. 2017-11-29 Protesters Gather in Honduras as TV Star's Election Lead Withers
  37. 2017-11-29 Poll- Nearly Half of Americans Oppose Republican Tax Bill
  38. 2017-11-29 Palestinian Rivals Delay Full Gaza Handover by 10 Days
  39. 2017-11-29 Pakistani Military's Mediation to End Protest Raises Questions About Political Interference
  40. 2017-11-29 Newly Exiled Venezuelan Opposition Leader Makes Rounds in Washington
  41. 2017-11-29 NASA Plans New Rover for Mars 2020 Mission
  42. 2017-11-29 Iran Provides Refuge to Families of Shi'ite Afghan Fighters Killed in Syria
  43. 2017-11-29 India Unveils New Recommendations to Reinforce Strict Net Neutrality
  44. 2017-11-29 Former Bosnian Croat Commander Dies After Drinking Poison in Courtroom
  45. 2017-11-29 Ex-Egypt Premier Says He'll Run in 2018 Presidential Vote
  46. 2017-11-29 British Lawmakers React With Fury to Trump Tweets
  47. 2017-11-29 Argentina Sentences 'Angel of Death' to Life in Prison
  48. 2017-11-29 Algeria's Independent Press Fears for Its Survival
  49. 2017-11-28 Zimbabwe Struggles to Face Mugabe-Era Crimes
  50. 2017-11-28 WHO Fears Deadly Diphtheria Outbreak Among Rohingya Refugees
  51. 2017-11-28 US Supreme Court Wrestles With Whistleblower Protection Issue
  52. 2017-11-28 US Has Tripled Number of Air-delivered Munitions in Afghanistan in 2017
  53. 2017-11-28 US Congress Grapples with Long To-do List as Deadlines Loom
  54. 2017-11-28 Turkish Iranian Gold Trader Pleads Guilty in Sanctions-busting Scheme
  55. 2017-11-28 Tillerson- US & European Allies Recognize 'Active Threat of a Recently Resurgent Russia'
  56. 2017-11-28 Stella McCartney Helps Redesign Climate-friendly Fashion
  57. 2017-11-28 Serbia Starts Construction of Chinese-funded Railway to Budapest
  58. 2017-11-28 Remains of Ancient Sea Cow Unearthed on California Island
  59. 2017-11-28 Questions Linger Over US Role in Fighting Terrorism in Sahel
  60. 2017-11-28 Pence- Trump 'Actively Considering' Relocating US Embassy to Jerusalem
  61. 2017-11-28 Obama Re-emerges on Global Stage With Trip to Asia, France
  62. 2017-11-28 NATO Sees Growing Russia, China Challenge; Higher Risk of War
  63. 2017-11-28 Libyan Convicted of Terrorism, Acquitted of Murder in Benghazi Attack
  64. 2017-11-28 Large Iceberg Breaks Free From Glacier in Southern Chile
  65. 2017-11-28 Judge Rules in Trump's Favor on Consumer Agency Leadership
  66. 2017-11-28 France Calls for Sanctions Against Human Traffickers in Libya
  67. 2017-11-28 FCC's Pai, Addressing Net Neutrality Rules, Calls Twitter Biased
  68. 2017-11-28 Ethical Data Use Needed as India Embraces Blockchain for Land Records
  69. 2017-11-28 Economic Woes Force Britain to Consider Biting Military Cuts
  70. 2017-11-28 Chobani Gets New Look, Hints at Going Beyond Yogurt
  71. 2017-11-28 CDC- US HIV Diagnoses Improving, But Progress Varies
  72. 2017-11-28 Big Contracts, No Storm Tarps for Puerto Rico
  73. 2017-11-28 Bangladesh to Turn Island into Temporary Home for 100,000 Rohingya Refugees
  74. 2017-11-28 As Droughts Lengthen, Zimbabwe's Medicinal Plants Disappear
  75. 2017-11-28 Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Siemens Developing Hybrid Plane
  76. 2017-11-28 Africa's Most Populous City Aims to Become Art, Design Hub
  77. 2017-11-28 'We Will Take Care of It,' Trump Says After N. Korea Fires Another Missile
  78. 2017-11-27 White House Defends Trump ‘Pocahontas’ Comment
  79. 2017-11-27 US Targets IS in Somalia Airstrike
  80. 2017-11-27 US Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Pivotal Case for Digital Privacy
  81. 2017-11-27 US Senate Republicans Press Ahead on Tax Vote
  82. 2017-11-27 US Indicts 3 Chinese Nationals on Hacking Charges
  83. 2017-11-27 US Criticizes Plans to Weaken Romania Anti-Corruption Fight
  84. 2017-11-27 UN Asks Brazil for Peacekeepers for Central African Republic
  85. 2017-11-27 Turkey Demands Trump Honor Purported Pledge to Cut Off Weapons to Kurdish Militia
  86. 2017-11-27 Suicide Bombers in Iraq Kill at Least 11
  87. 2017-11-27 Sinai Villagers Say Jihadists Threatened Attack Prior to Mosque Massacre
  88. 2017-11-27 Sen. Franken Returns to Work Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations
  89. 2017-11-27 Pope Francis Meets With Myanmar's Military Chief
  90. 2017-11-27 Poland Probes Mosque Attack, Far-right ‘Gallows’ Protest
  91. 2017-11-27 Pakistan Criticized for 'Surrendering' to Protesting Islamist Group
  92. 2017-11-27 Mali Delays December Regional Election Until April 2018
  93. 2017-11-27 Leftist Challenger Leads in Honduras Presidential Vote Count
  94. 2017-11-27 India's Global Entrepreneurial Summit to Focus on Women
  95. 2017-11-27 Dueling Chiefs Show Up to Run US Consumer Agency
  96. 2017-11-27 Cambodian Rights Group Next in Firing Line
  97. 2017-11-27 Britain's Prince Harry, US Actress Meghan Markle Officially Engaged
  98. 2017-11-27 Albino Girl Aces Kenya’s National Primary School Exam
  99. 2017-11-26 With Local Polls, Cuba Starts Process to End Castro Era
  100. 2017-11-26 UNICEF- Yemen Worst Place on Earth to Be a Child
  101. 2017-11-26 Trump Attacks Democrat in Alabama Senate Race
  102. 2017-11-26 Thousands in Romania Protest Changes to Tax, Justice Laws
  103. 2017-11-26 Syria- At Least 23 Civilians Killed Ahead of UN Talks
  104. 2017-11-26 Saudis Launch Counterterror Coalition
  105. 2017-11-26 Pope Francis Hopes to Bring Spotlight to Myanmar Refugee Crisis
  106. 2017-11-26 Official Thanks Iran-Trained Afghan ‘Warriors’ for Syrian ‘Victory’
  107. 2017-11-26 Merkel's CDU Agrees to Pursue Grand Coalition in Germany
  108. 2017-11-26 Indonesia's Bali Raises Volcano Alert to Highest Level
  109. 2017-11-26 Honduran President Likely to Be Re-Elected in Disputed Vote
  110. 2017-11-26 For Cambodian Techies, US Tour Ends With Vision of Startup at Home
  111. 2017-11-26 Egypt Reels from Mosque Attack, Sufi Muslims Still Plan to Honor Mohammed
  112. 2017-11-26 Dry Weekend Draws US Shoppers Even as Online Sales Boom
  113. 2017-11-26 Does Cellphone-Sweeping 'StingRay' Technology Go Too Far-
  114. 2017-11-26 Clashes Between IS, Taliban Displace Hundreds in Eastern Afghanistan
  115. 2017-11-26 Chechnya’s Kadyrov Says Ready to Resign, Have Kremlin Pick Successor
  116. 2017-11-26 Botswana Leader Tells VOA Mugabe Departure 'Long Overdue'
  117. 2017-11-26 Australia Urged to Build Closer Ties to China As US Power Fades
  118. 2017-11-26 Analysts Not Surprised by Release of Suspected 2008 Mumbai Attacks Mastermind
  119. 2017-11-26 Amid Allegations, Congressman Steps Aside From House Panel Role
  120. 2017-11-25 Zimbabwe Court- Military Takeover Was Not A Coup
  121. 2017-11-25 Uzbeks Fear Some May Associate Their Ethnicity With Terrorism
  122. 2017-11-25 Ukraine Honors Memory of Holodomor Victims
  123. 2017-11-25 US Wrestles With the Issue of Asylum
  124. 2017-11-25 US Warns of Repercussions for Pakistan Over Release of Alleged Terror Mastermind
  125. 2017-11-25 US Vice Consul, Shot in Brazil, Leaves Hospital
  126. 2017-11-25 US Black Friday, Thanksgiving Online Sales Hit Record
  127. 2017-11-25 Trial of Turkish-Iranian Trader to Start Without Main Suspect
  128. 2017-11-25 Thousands March to Protest Violence Against Women
  129. 2017-11-25 Suspected Militants Kill 305 in Sinai Mosque Attack
  130. 2017-11-25 Saudis Set to Launch Counterterror Coalition Commanded by Ex-Pakistan General Sharif
  131. 2017-11-25 Russian President Signs 'Foreign Agents' Media Legislation
  132. 2017-11-25 Pakistan Calls In Army to Handle Islamist Protesters in Capital
  133. 2017-11-25 Missing American Military Personnel Identified After Plane Crash
  134. 2017-11-25 Jackman- After ‘Logan,’ ‘It’s Time to Leave the Party’
  135. 2017-11-25 Iran Warns It Would Increase Missile Range if Threatened by Europe
  136. 2017-11-25 In Indian Country, the Flag, Veterans Intertwined — and Revered
  137. 2017-11-25 Head of Consumer Watchdog Names Successor, Trump Names Another
  138. 2017-11-25 Fugitive Catalan Leader Launches Campaign From Belgium
  139. 2017-11-25 France- Macron Outlines Plan Tackling Violence Against Women
  140. 2017-11-25 Egypt's Options Dwindling in Its Fight Against Militants
  141. 2017-11-25 Cuba Marks First Anniversary of the Death of Fidel Castro
  142. 2017-11-25 Brazil President Has Angioplasty in 3 Arteries, Stent put in
  143. 2017-11-25 Bookmaker Taking No Bets on When Prince Harry Will Wed
  144. 2017-11-25 Bali Volcano Threatens, but Island Still Safe, Officials Say
  145. 2017-11-24 Zimbabwe Celebrates As New President Sworn In
  146. 2017-11-24 US Asks Pakistan to Arrest Freed Cleric, Charge Him with Terrorism
  147. 2017-11-24 Turkey-US Relations an Issue in Sanctions Evasion Trial
  148. 2017-11-24 Trump Wants to End Welfare of Clinton Era
  149. 2017-11-24 Trump Complains That Players Are 'Boss' In NFL
  150. 2017-11-24 Texas Company Reports Selling Lethal Weapons to Ukraine
  151. 2017-11-24 Syrian Opposition Picks New Chief Negotiator Ahead of New Talks
  152. 2017-11-24 Sinai Mosque Attack Kills 235
  153. 2017-11-24 Separatist Leader Says He Is Taking Power in Ukraine's Luhansk Region
  154. 2017-11-24 Search for Missing Sub Will Continue, Argentina President Says
  155. 2017-11-24 Republican Senators Support Disciplined Air Force Colonel
  156. 2017-11-24 Police- US Diplomat Shot in Foot Outside Rio de Janeiro
  157. 2017-11-24 Poles Protest Planned Overhaul of Courts, Election Body
  158. 2017-11-24 Officials- Russia Seeking to Exploit Catalonia Secessionist Movement
  159. 2017-11-24 Officials Say Pentagon Likely to Acknowledge 2,000 US Troops in Syria
  160. 2017-11-24 Mexico Creates Marine Reserve Around Islands Called ‘Galapagos of North America’
  161. 2017-11-24 Even in Amazon Era, Black Friday Shows Stores Are Alive
  162. 2017-11-24 Castro Meets N. Korea Minister Amid Hope Cuba Can Defuse Tensions
  163. 2017-11-24 Amazon Workers in Germany, Italy Stage Black Friday Strike
  164. 2017-11-24 'Die Hard' for Jihadists- IS Recruits With Heroic Tales
  165. 2017-11-23 Ukrainian Separatist Chief Accuses Another of Plotting Coup
  166. 2017-11-23 Uganda Charges 8 Journalists With Treason
  167. 2017-11-23 Trump Thanks US Troops, Touts His Own Accomplishments
  168. 2017-11-23 TransCanada- Over 24K Gallons of Oil Recovered from Spill
  169. 2017-11-23 Tech Firms Scrounging for Skilled Workers Training Their Own
  170. 2017-11-23 Sudan's President Visits Russia, Asks for Protection From US
  171. 2017-11-23 Sources- Mugabe and Wife Granted Immunity
  172. 2017-11-23 President's Remarks to US Military Members on Thanksgiving
  173. 2017-11-23 Possible Explosion Was Detected Near Missing Argentine Sub's Last Location
  174. 2017-11-23 Pope Prays for 'Seeds of Peace' for South Sudan, DRC
  175. 2017-11-23 Pioneering Jazz Singer Hendricks Dies at 96
  176. 2017-11-23 Opposition Calls for Direct Talks With Syria Government
  177. 2017-11-23 Myanmar, Bangladesh Sign Agreement on Rohingya Return
  178. 2017-11-23 Macy's Parade Begins With Balloons, Bands and Security
  179. 2017-11-23 Iraqi Forces Launch Operation to Clear Last Islamic State Positions In Desert
  180. 2017-11-23 Flynn's Attorneys Split From Trump, Newspaper Reports
  181. 2017-11-23 Congressional Probes Likely to Head Into 2018
  182. 2017-11-23 Amnesty International's Turkey Chief to be Held Pending Trial
  183. 2017-11-23 12 of 14 Nursing Home Deaths After Irma Ruled Homicides
  184. 2017-11-22 Zimbabwe's Incoming President Returns From Exile
  185. 2017-11-22 Vote on Sweeping Tax Bill Expected in US Senate
  186. 2017-11-22 US, Afghan Airstrikes Destroy 9 Taliban Drug Labs in Afghanistan
  187. 2017-11-22 US Navy Plane with 11 Aboard Crashes into Pacific; 8 Found
  188. 2017-11-22 Trump Calls Father of Freed UCLA Player an 'Ungrateful Fool'
  189. 2017-11-22 Tillerson Calls Violence Against Rohingya in Myanmar 'Ethnic Cleansing'
  190. 2017-11-22 Submarine Disasters- Rare, Tragic
  191. 2017-11-22 Russian Baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky Dies at 55
  192. 2017-11-22 Pope to Meet Myanmar Military Chief, Rohingya Refugees
  193. 2017-11-22 Poll- 1 in 3 Americans Dreads Political Talk at Thanksgiving
  194. 2017-11-22 Pakistan Court Orders Release of Cleric Wanted by US for Terrorism
  195. 2017-11-22 Missing Argentine Sub May Be Running Out of Air
  196. 2017-11-22 Kremlin Vows to Defend Russian Oligarch Who Is Under Arrest in France
  197. 2017-11-22 Iraq, GE Sign 0 Million Deal for Power Infrastructure
  198. 2017-11-22 Hope Dwindles for Families of Lost Argentina Submarine Crew
  199. 2017-11-22 Hollywood Spotlights Racial Tensions in America
  200. 2017-11-22 Former Doctor Accused by US Olympians Pleads Guilty to Sex Charges
  201. 2017-11-22 Democrats Face Hot-potato Politics of Sexual Predation, Too
  202. 2017-11-22 Bosnians Welcome Mladic Conviction, but Justice Unlikely to Reconcile Divided Region
  203. 2017-11-22 Angola's New Leader Shakes up Old Order, Visits South Africa
  204. 2017-11-22 Afghan Village Looks to Life Beyond IS in Recently Cleared Areas
  205. 2017-11-21 With Christmas Tree Delivered, White House to Unveil Holiday Decor Monday
  206. 2017-11-21 White House Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Travel Ban
  207. 2017-11-21 US Military- Drone Strike Kills More Than 100 Al-Shabab in Somalia
  208. 2017-11-21 US Launches New Airstrikes Against Islamic State in Libya
  209. 2017-11-21 UN Tribunal to Decide Fate of 'Butcher of Bosnia' Mladic
  210. 2017-11-21 Turkeys Seeking Trump Thanksgiving Pardon Must Strut Stuff
  211. 2017-11-21 Trump, Putin Talk About Syrian Peace Process
  212. 2017-11-21 Tillerson Says State Department Performing Well; Critics Disagree
  213. 2017-11-21 Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 50 in Nigeria
  214. 2017-11-21 Somaliland Ruling Party Candidate Bihi Wins Election
  215. 2017-11-21 Ryan- Sexual Harassment Report on Conyers 'Troubling'
  216. 2017-11-21 Report- Weinstein Paid M to Accuser After 2015 Case Died
  217. 2017-11-21 Pakistan Welcomes US Offer to Prevent Militant Raids from Afghanistan
  218. 2017-11-21 Mugabe’s Presumptive Successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is Called ‘the Crocodile’
  219. 2017-11-21 Iran-based Hacker Charged With Trying to Extort HBO
  220. 2017-11-21 FCC Chairman Sets Out to Repeal 'Net Neutrality' Rules
  221. 2017-11-21 Celebrations in Harare After Mugabe Resigns
  222. 2017-11-21 Bomb Kills at Least 20 in Iraq
  223. 2017-11-21 'I Cannot Eat Three Bowls of Rice at One Time'
  224. 2017-11-20 Yellen to Leave Fed Board When New Leader Sworn In
  225. 2017-11-20 Visit of China Envoy to North Korea Watched Closely
  226. 2017-11-20 Up to 35 Hurt in Blasts, Fire at New York Cosmetics Factory
  227. 2017-11-20 US State of Nebraska OKs Keystone Oil Pipeline Route
  228. 2017-11-20 US Launches Airstrikes in First Operation Targeting Afghan Opium
  229. 2017-11-20 US Could Soon Resume Visa Consultations at Consulates in Russia
  230. 2017-11-20 UN Envoy Says Conflict Likely If Palestinians Fail to Unite
  231. 2017-11-20 Trump- US to Redesignate North Korea as State Sponsor of Terror
  232. 2017-11-20 Technology Companies, Retailers Send US Stock Indexes Higher
  233. 2017-11-20 Scientists Solve the Mystery of America's Scuba-diving Fly
  234. 2017-11-20 Opioids Haunt Users’ Recovery- ‘It Never Really Leaves You’
  235. 2017-11-20 Musicians Unite at AMAs in Wake of Tumultuous Year
  236. 2017-11-20 Mugabe Heads for Impeachment After Ignoring Resignation Deadline
  237. 2017-11-20 Merkel Signals Readiness for New Election After Coalition Talks Collapse
  238. 2017-11-20 Kenyan Supreme Court Upholds October Election Results
  239. 2017-11-20 Israel Moves to Deport 40,000 African Migrants
  240. 2017-11-20 Iraq's Top Court Rules Kurdish Referendum Unconstitutional
  241. 2017-11-20 ICC Prosecutor Requests Probe for Alleged Misconduct in Afghanistan
  242. 2017-11-20 Forbes Names Beyonce Music's Highest-earning Woman
  243. 2017-11-20 Elephant Advocates Sue Trump Administration on Trophy Hunting
  244. 2017-11-20 Charles Manson, Notorious Cult Leader and Serial Killer, Dead at 83
  245. 2017-11-20 Amsterdam, Paris Picked to Host EU Agencies After Brexit
  246. 2017-11-20 Alabama Candidate's Sexual Abuse Accuser Says She Took Decades to Recover
  247. 2017-11-19 Youth Justice Shake-Up after Abuse Inquiry in Australia
  248. 2017-11-19 With Little Movement, NAFTA Talks Said to Run Risk of Stalemate
  249. 2017-11-19 US Envoy to Russia Slams Moscow's Pending Curbs on US-funded News Outlets
  250. 2017-11-19 Turkey Hosts Iranian, Russian FMs as Ankara-NATO Dispute Festers
  251. 2017-11-19 Trump- Should Have Left 3 US Basketball Players in Chinese Jail
  252. 2017-11-19 Thousands March in DC for More Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico
  253. 2017-11-19 Saudis, Allies Discuss Iran Ahead of Arab League Meeting
  254. 2017-11-19 Report- Noticeable Decline in Pakistan’s Terror Fatalities in 2016
  255. 2017-11-19 Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip to Celebrate 70th Anniversary
  256. 2017-11-19 Police Question Israeli Leader Over Corruption Accusations
  257. 2017-11-19 One in 3 US Rhodes Scholars African-American, Highest Ratio Ever
  258. 2017-11-19 Mugabe Faces Impeachment After Refusing to Resign
  259. 2017-11-19 Longtime Country Singer, Songwriter Mel Tillis Dies
  260. 2017-11-19 Kenya's Odinga Calls for International Help in Deadly Crisis
  261. 2017-11-19 Hariri Says Will Return to Lebanon Wednesday, Explain His Situation
  262. 2017-11-19 German Parties at Impasse as Deadline Passes With No Deal
  263. 2017-11-19 Foul Weather Slows Search for Missing Argentine Sub With 44 Aboard
  264. 2017-11-19 Britain to Submit 'Brexit Bill' Proposal Before December EU Meeting
  265. 2017-11-19 Afghan Youth Team Beats Pakistan to Win Asian Cricket Championship
  266. 2017-11-19 15 Dead, 5 Hurt in Stampede for Food Aid in Morocco
  267. 2017-11-18 Ukraine, Poland Escalate Diplomatic Spat
  268. 2017-11-18 Ukraine Arrests Russian Wanted in Forbes Editor's Death
  269. 2017-11-18 US-backed Forces Deny They Allowed IS Fighters to Evacuate Raqqa
  270. 2017-11-18 U.S. General Says He'd Resist 'Illegal' Nuclear Strike Order From Trump
  271. 2017-11-18 Turkish Prosecutors Open Probe of Former, Acting US Attorneys
  272. 2017-11-18 Surgeons Remove Worms, Other Parasites From North Korean Soldier
  273. 2017-11-18 Sources- Mugabe's Ruling Party to Meet Sunday to Discuss His Ouster
  274. 2017-11-18 Some Republicans Nervous NAFTA Talks Could Fail
  275. 2017-11-18 Sitting Bull- A Hero of Lakota Resistance
  276. 2017-11-18 Sinn Fein's Divisive Leader Gerry Adams to Step Down
  277. 2017-11-18 Saudis Bristle at German Official’s Lebanon Remark
  278. 2017-11-18 Report- ONLF Rebel Leader Illegally Extradited to Ethiopia
  279. 2017-11-18 Post-Harvey Houston- Years Until Recovery, Plenty of Costs Unknown
  280. 2017-11-18 Palestinians Vow to Suspend Talks If US Closes PLO Mission
  281. 2017-11-18 House Fire in Southern Beijing Suburb Kills 19, Injures 8
  282. 2017-11-18 Hariri Says He Will Return to Lebanon on Wednesday, Explain His Situation
  283. 2017-11-18 FBI Report on Black 'Extremists' Raises New Monitoring Fears
  284. 2017-11-18 Egypt Warns Ethiopia Nile dam Dispute 'Life or Death'
  285. 2017-11-18 As Sex Harassment Scandal Grows, Minorities Seldom Involved
  286. 2017-11-18 Argentina Says Distress Calls Detected From Missing Submarine
  287. 2017-11-18 Argentina Intensifies Search for Navy Submarine With 44 Crew Members
  288. 2017-11-18 Afghan Officials- Islamic State Fighters Finding Sanctuary in Afghanistan
  289. 2017-11-17 Zimbabwe Tension Simmers, on Both Sides of Border
  290. 2017-11-17 White House Seeks B in Hurricane Aid From Congress
  291. 2017-11-17 US Officials Warn Special Ops Forces Being Stretched to Possible Breaking Point
  292. 2017-11-17 UN Panel Agrees to Move Ahead With Debate on 'Killer Robots'
  293. 2017-11-17 Turkish President Slams US Policy in Syria
  294. 2017-11-17 Tillerson, African Foreign Ministers Talk Trade, Good Governance, Security
  295. 2017-11-17 Tesla Adds Big Trucks to Its Electrifying Ambitions
  296. 2017-11-17 Sahel Counterterror Force Lacks Funding
  297. 2017-11-17 Rev. Jesse Jackson Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease
  298. 2017-11-17 Red Cross- 1 Million Yemenis at Risk of Cholera Outbreak
  299. 2017-11-17 Puerto Rico Utility Head Resigns After Slow Hurricane Maria Response
  300. 2017-11-17 Pentagon- Raytheon Gets OK for 10.5B Patriot Sale to Poland
  301. 2017-11-17 Not Real News- A Look at What Didn't Happen This Week
  302. 2017-11-17 Native Americans Gave Places, Animals, Plants Their Names
  303. 2017-11-17 Mugabe Makes Appearance as Pressure to Resign Builds
  304. 2017-11-17 Meryl Streep Says Violent Experiences Changed Her Profoundly
  305. 2017-11-17 Iraqi Forces Recapture Last Islamic State-held Town
  306. 2017-11-17 Hariri 'Visit' to Paris a Coup for French Diplomacy
  307. 2017-11-17 Experts- Puerto Rico May Struggle for More Than a Decade
  308. 2017-11-17 Despite Health Risks and Exploitation, Undocumented Immigrants Clean Up Houston
  309. 2017-11-17 Danica Patrick to End Racing Career at Next Year's Indy 500
  310. 2017-11-17 Clashes Break Out as Greeks March to Mark 1973 Student Revolt
  311. 2017-11-17 5 Killed in Kenya Post-election Violence
  312. 2017-11-17 2 Shot Dead in Somaliland as Opposition Party Calls Voting Rigged
  313. 2017-11-16 Zimbabwe on Edge Amid Negotiations After Military Takeover
  314. 2017-11-16 Ukraine Investigators Fear Corruption Cases Could Get Buried
  315. 2017-11-16 US, Japan Naval Forces Annual Exercise Seen as Signal to Pyongyang
  316. 2017-11-16 US Senator Franken Apologizes for 2006 Groping Incident
  317. 2017-11-16 US Jury Hears Closing Arguments in Trial of Alleged Benghazi Attack Organizer
  318. 2017-11-16 US House Democrats Join Growing Congressional Concern About State Department
  319. 2017-11-16 US Government to Review DACA Renewal Applications Lost in Mail
  320. 2017-11-16 Trump Tack on China Likely to Shift from Sweet to Sour After Asia Trip
  321. 2017-11-16 Tesla to Enter Trucking Business With New Electric Semi
  322. 2017-11-16 Suicide Blast Hits Afghan Political Gathering in Kabul
  323. 2017-11-16 Saudi Foreign Minister- Message to Iran is- 'Enough is Enough'
  324. 2017-11-16 Russian Lawmakers- 9 US-Funded News Outlets Could Be Forced to Register as ‘Foreign Agents’
  325. 2017-11-16 Russia Accuses US of Helping IS by Using Photo from Video Game as Proof
  326. 2017-11-16 Menendez Bribery Trial Ends in Mistrial
  327. 2017-11-16 Lebanon's Hariri Finds Himself Caught in Regional Feuds
  328. 2017-11-16 Journalists Charged for Bringing Drone into Myanmar
  329. 2017-11-16 Iranian-Turkish Relations Deepen with Shared Regional Goals
  330. 2017-11-16 IBM Urged to Avoid Developing Tech for 'Extreme Vetting'
  331. 2017-11-16 House Republicans Clear Key First Step to Send Tax Bill to Trump
  332. 2017-11-16 GOP, Democratic Senators Back Bill to Bolster FBI Gun Checks
  333. 2017-11-16 Experts Question Role of Data Mining Firms in Kenya’s Annulled Election
  334. 2017-11-16 Can Sessions Appoint 2nd Special Counsel to Probe Democrats-
  335. 2017-11-16 Cambodia High Court Dissolves Opposition Party, Cementing One-party Rule
  336. 2017-11-16 Big Businesses From Apple to Walmart Say Train Suppliers to Stamp Out Slavery
  337. 2017-11-16 Africa Politics Creep Into French PM's Visit to Morocco
  338. 2017-11-15 Zimbabwe President 'Confined to Home' After Military Action
  339. 2017-11-15 What Now for Zimbabwe-
  340. 2017-11-15 VOA Investigating Reports Staff Writer Posted Racist Comments Online
  341. 2017-11-15 Trump in Political Maelstrom Over Moore Senate Candidacy
  342. 2017-11-15 Trump Reviews Asia Trip, Says US Global Standing 'Never Been Stronger'
  343. 2017-11-15 Trump Refocuses on Tax Reform Amid New Political Landscape
  344. 2017-11-15 Somali Government Releases List of Deadly Car Bomb Suspects
  345. 2017-11-15 Republican Governors Gather Amid Party Setbacks, Turmoil
  346. 2017-11-15 Police- California Man Killed Wife Before Tuesday Rampage
  347. 2017-11-15 Pakistan Unveils 1,700-year-old Sleeping Buddha, Evoking Diverse Heritage
  348. 2017-11-15 Mugabe Latest Leader Over Years Taken Into Custody
  349. 2017-11-15 More Worries in Congress Over Cuts at US State Department
  350. 2017-11-15 IMF- Angola in 'Mild Recovery' but Macroeconomic Challenges Remain
  351. 2017-11-15 Houston's Poorest Face Long, Uncertain Post-Harvey Recovery
  352. 2017-11-15 Grace Mugabe's Fast Rise Rubbed Zimbabwe the Wrong Way
  353. 2017-11-15 France's Macron Urges Europe to Fill Climate Funding Gap
  354. 2017-11-15 Electric Trucks Emerging But Still Have a Long Haul
  355. 2017-11-15 Egypt Displays Previously Unseen King Tut Artifacts
  356. 2017-11-15 Cash, Oaths, Holy Water- The Quest by Cambodia's Ruling Party to Identify True Supporters
  357. 2017-11-15 Buenos Aires Tapped for Special World Expo in 2022-23
  358. 2017-11-15 Afghan Opium Production Increases by 87 Percent
  359. 2017-11-15 Abducted Swiss Aid Worker Freed in Sudan's Darfur
  360. 2017-11-15 4 Suicide Bombers Kill 14, Wound 29 in Northern Nigeria
  361. 2017-11-15 3,000 Form Chain of Light Against Far-right in Austrian Government
  362. 2017-11-14 Zimbabwe Ruling Party Accuses Army Chief of Treason
  363. 2017-11-14 Using Laughter to Drive Home Tough Lessons About Sexual Violence
  364. 2017-11-14 US Oil, Gas 'Resurgence' Expected as Global Demand Grows
  365. 2017-11-14 Trump's Nuclear Authority Reviewed on Capitol Hill
  366. 2017-11-14 Trump Approval Ratings at Around 30 Percent, President Says They're Wrong
  367. 2017-11-14 Trump 'Very Proud' of Trip to Asia, Says Progress Made on Security, Trade
  368. 2017-11-14 Threat of Jihadist Exodus Spurs Security Crackdown in Turkey
  369. 2017-11-14 Study- Internet Freedom Worsens in Pakistan
  370. 2017-11-14 Space Delivery- Astronauts Get Ice Cream, Make-own Pizzas
  371. 2017-11-14 Sessions Rejects Accusations He Lied About Not Knowing of Trump Campaign Links to Russia
  372. 2017-11-14 Serbian Court Suspends Sentences in US Embassy Attack Case
  373. 2017-11-14 Russia's Defense Ministry to Investigate Wrong Photos Used on Syria Statement
  374. 2017-11-14 Rise in Teen Suicide, Social Media Coincide; Is There Link-
  375. 2017-11-14 Pressure Mounts on Alabama US Senate Candidate Moore to Withdraw
  376. 2017-11-14 Justice Department Looking Into Obama-era Uranium Deal, Clintons
  377. 2017-11-14 From Heady Aspirations to Dashed Dreams, Separatists Analyze Mistakes
  378. 2017-11-14 France’s Macron Pushes Engagement to a Skeptical Trump
  379. 2017-11-14 Expectations High for Tillerson to Press Myanmar on Rohingya Crisis
  380. 2017-11-14 Countries Crack Down on Speech Online, Says Report
  381. 2017-11-14 Catholic Order Admits Offshore Holdings in Tax Havens
  382. 2017-11-14 Cambodian Strongman's Trump Outreach Falls Flat
  383. 2017-11-14 Before High-Level Discussions, US Aims to Strengthen Ties to Africa
  384. 2017-11-14 At Least 5 Killed in Shooting Near California Elementary School
  385. 2017-11-14 Alliance General- Bosnia Making Military Progress in NATO Bid
  386. 2017-11-14 About 15 Percent of US Federal Agencies Detected Kaspersky on Networks
  387. 2017-11-14 AFI, Library of Congress Celebrate 50 Years of Film Preservation
  388. 2017-11-13 Vote Counting Under Way in Somaliland Presidential Election
  389. 2017-11-13 US Researchers Use Nanotech, Gene Editing to Edit Cholesterol Gene
  390. 2017-11-13 US Launches Media Fund for Hungary to Aid Press Freedom
  391. 2017-11-13 UN Group Recommends Dropping Inquiry into Eritrea’s Ties to Al-Shabab
  392. 2017-11-13 UN Agency Report Shows Iran Meeting Nuclear Commitments
  393. 2017-11-13 Trump Travel Order Gets Partial Go-ahead
  394. 2017-11-13 Trump Praises Philippines’ Duterte, Human Rights Take Backseat
  395. 2017-11-13 Students Fight Digital Robots and Fake Accounts on Twitter
  396. 2017-11-13 Spain Sees Russian Interference in Catalonia Separatist Vote
  397. 2017-11-13 Sexual Assault Charges Against Islamic Scholar Divide Europe's Muslim Communities
  398. 2017-11-13 S. Africa's Zuma Again Denounces 'Monopoly' White Economic Power
  399. 2017-11-13 Russia’s RT Registers as Foreign Agent in US
  400. 2017-11-13 Protesters Disrupt US Fossil-nuclear Event at Climate Talks
  401. 2017-11-13 On Russia Meddling in US Election, Where Do Trump and US Intel Community Stand-
  402. 2017-11-13 Nigeria's Buhari to Visit Heartland of Biafra Secessionists
  403. 2017-11-13 New Zealand Says Changes in Agriculture Key to Becoming Carbon Neutral by 2050
  404. 2017-11-13 New Sexual Misconduct Accusation Against Alabama’s Roy Moore
  405. 2017-11-13 Lebanon's President Welcomes Hariri's Plans to Return
  406. 2017-11-13 Investors Remain Wary in Wake of Saudi Crackdown
  407. 2017-11-13 Girl Reportedly Marched Naked Through Pakistani Village After Brother's Affair
  408. 2017-11-13 France Marks Second Anniversary of Paris Attacks
  409. 2017-11-13 FBI- Hate Crimes Increased by 4.6 Percent in 2016
  410. 2017-11-13 Europe, Africa Ministers Agree to Help Migrants Held in Libya
  411. 2017-11-13 Earthquake on Iran-Iraq Border Kills 400
  412. 2017-11-13 Cost of Diabetes Epidemic Reaches 850 Billion a Year
  413. 2017-11-13 Bipartisan Analysis- Senate Bill Would Hike Taxes for 13.8 Million
  414. 2017-11-13 Barbie Makes Doll of Hijab-wearing Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad
  415. 2017-11-12 Venezuela Sets Foreign Debt Meeting for Monday Afternoon
  416. 2017-11-12 Trump Criticized for Putin Meddling Comments
  417. 2017-11-12 Troops Withdraw From Ex-Army Chief's House in S.Sudan
  418. 2017-11-12 Train Crash in Southeast Congo Kills at Least 34
  419. 2017-11-12 Southeast Asia Looks for Outside Allies Amid Internal Struggles
  420. 2017-11-12 Somali-Canadian Community Discusses Causes Behind Rise in Youth Gang Activity
  421. 2017-11-12 Saudi Officials Deny Reports of King’s Abdication Plan
  422. 2017-11-12 Philippines’ Duterte Sure Trump Won’t Rebuke His Bloody Drug War
  423. 2017-11-12 Pair, Linked by Face Transplant, Finally Meet
  424. 2017-11-12 Lebanon's PM Assures Country He Will Be Home 'Very Soon'
  425. 2017-11-12 Lawmakers- Did CIA Watchdog Nominee Mislead Congress-
  426. 2017-11-12 Israel Signals Free Hand in Syria as US, Russia Expand Truce
  427. 2017-11-12 In Florida, All Eyes on Puerto Rican Voters After Maria
  428. 2017-11-12 Hundreds Join Pride March in India, Where Gay Sex Is Illegal
  429. 2017-11-12 Controversial Da Vinci Is New York Auction Season Star
  430. 2017-11-12 Chairman- House Won't Agree to Nix Property Tax Deduction
  431. 2017-11-12 61 Reported Dead in Iran-Iraq Border Region Quake
  432. 2017-11-11 Venezuela's Misery Could Worsen With Debt Default
  433. 2017-11-11 US Honors 20 Million Former Service Members on Veterans Day
  434. 2017-11-11 Trump, Vietnam’s Quang to Discuss Trade, Economic Ties
  435. 2017-11-11 Trump Touts Vietnam as 'One of the Great Miracles of the World'
  436. 2017-11-11 Texas Town Holds First Burials After Church Massacre
  437. 2017-11-11 Tens of Thousands Join Polish Nationalists' March on Independence Day
  438. 2017-11-11 Tanzanian Cholera Outbreak Kills 18, Health Ministry Says
  439. 2017-11-11 Tanzania, Uganda Leaders Criticize ICC Probe of Burundi
  440. 2017-11-11 Spain Rescues 251 Migrants in Mediterranean
  441. 2017-11-11 Pacific Rim Countries Reach New Trade Deal Without US
  442. 2017-11-11 Nuclear Deal 'Not Negotiable,' Iran Tells France
  443. 2017-11-11 Massachusetts Mill Town Puts 2 Cambodian-Americans in City Posts
  444. 2017-11-11 Legionnaires Sickens 12 in California, Including 9 at Disneyland
  445. 2017-11-11 Lebanon Asks Saudi Arabia for Explanation on PM's Absence
  446. 2017-11-11 Israel- Military Shot Down Syrian Spy Drone
  447. 2017-11-11 Indian Wheat Makes History, Arriving in Afghanistan Via Iran
  448. 2017-11-11 Huge Rally in Barcelona Demands Jailed Separatists' Release
  449. 2017-11-11 Happy ‘Singles Day’- Chinese Spend Billions in Annual Shopping Spree
  450. 2017-11-11 Bots Battle for Ball, and Globe, in Robot Olympiad
  451. 2017-11-10 White House- Trump, Putin Shake Hands at APEC Summit but No Sidelines Talk
  452. 2017-11-10 US to Ban Illicit Versions of Synthetic Opioid
  453. 2017-11-10 US Military- Annual Gulf Exercise at Risk Over Qatar Crisis
  454. 2017-11-10 US Immigration Enforcement Agency Seeks to Double in Size by 2023
  455. 2017-11-10 UN to Host Talks on Use of 'Killer Robots'
  456. 2017-11-10 Trump Wishes Happy Birthday to US Marine Corps
  457. 2017-11-10 Top Catalan Lawmaker Leaves Jail After Posting Bail
  458. 2017-11-10 Tillerson- US Opposes Action Causing Instability in Lebanon
  459. 2017-11-10 Texas Church Congregants Say They Feared Gunman
  460. 2017-11-10 Tensions as Paris Suburb Tries to Stop Muslim Street Prayers After Rented Hall Taken
  461. 2017-11-10 Recognition a Key Issue in Somaliland's Presidential Election
  462. 2017-11-10 Pope Urges Nations Not to Stockpile Nuclear Weapons, Even for Deterrence
  463. 2017-11-10 Pakistan Offers to Arrange Meeting Between Convicted Indian Spy, Wife
  464. 2017-11-10 Moore Defiant as GOP Sees Alabama Senate Seat at Risk
  465. 2017-11-10 Falling Cocoa Prices Hit African Farmers
  466. 2017-11-10 Driver Rams Into People in Southern France; 3 Students Hurt
  467. 2017-11-10 Critics- Britain Dragging Its Feet on Tax Haven Clampdown as Brexit Looms
  468. 2017-11-10 Cash-strapped Rome Starts Claiming Trevi Fountain Coins
  469. 2017-11-10 Analysts- Diplomatic Tension Involving Turkey Could Trigger Economic Turmoil
  470. 2017-11-10 African Art Has its Weekend in Paris
  471. 2017-11-09 Venezuela's New Anti-hate Law Derided as Censorship
  472. 2017-11-09 Uganda's President Boosts Military Unit as Rural Support Slips Away
  473. 2017-11-09 US Program Ends for Central American Minors Fleeing Violence
  474. 2017-11-09 US Airstrikes Target Al-Shabab in Somalia
  475. 2017-11-09 UN, Aid Groups Warn of 'Starvation and Death' in Yemen
  476. 2017-11-09 Trump-Putin Meeting Likely at APEC Summit, but US Officials Urge Caution
  477. 2017-11-09 Senate, House Republicans Unveil Dueling Tax Reform Bills
  478. 2017-11-09 Philippine Outsourcing Industry Braces for Artificial Intelligence
  479. 2017-11-09 Pennsylvania Tree to Adorn Rockefeller Center for Christmas
  480. 2017-11-09 Pence Voices US Concern to Turkish Prime Minister About Arrests
  481. 2017-11-09 Pastor- Church in Texas Shooting May Not Reopen
  482. 2017-11-09 No More Holy Smokes - Vatican Bans Sale of Cigarettes
  483. 2017-11-09 Lithuania Says East-west Schism Within EU Benefits Russia
  484. 2017-11-09 India Urges Private Sector to Report Sex Pests After #MeToo
  485. 2017-11-09 House Panel to Interview Russian-American Lobbyist, Sessions
  486. 2017-11-09 Governor- Argentina Ditches Controversial Wine Tax Proposal
  487. 2017-11-09 From Grey to Green- Smokestack Cities Power to Bright Future
  488. 2017-11-09 Fourth Cache of Kennedy Assassination Records Released
  489. 2017-11-09 Fears Grow About Fallout From Saudi Corruption Crackdown
  490. 2017-11-09 FBI Yet to Access Texas Shooter's Phone
  491. 2017-11-09 Ex-Liberian Refugee Eager to Serve Montana Capital That Elected Him Mayor
  492. 2017-11-09 East Congo Militiamen Go on Trial for Raping Children
  493. 2017-11-09 Convicted Greek Terrorist Gets Prison Furlough; Victims Angry
  494. 2017-11-09 Clue, Wiffle Ball, Paper Airplane Enter Toy Hall of Fame
  495. 2017-11-09 Air Force Secretary- Texas Shooter's Offenses Should Have Been Reported to FBI
  496. 2017-11-08 Zimbabwe First Lady Angled into Position to Be New VP
  497. 2017-11-08 Wounds Sustained at Night Heal Twice as Slowly, Scientists Find
  498. 2017-11-08 Venezuela Assembly Passes New Law Clamping Down on Media
  499. 2017-11-08 US Military Joins Brazil Army Exercises in Amazon
  500. 2017-11-08 US Federal Judge Imposes Gag Order on Manafort Case
  501. 2017-11-08 Trump's Low Approval Rating Masks His Support Among Likely Voters
  502. 2017-11-08 Trump Administration Limits Americans’ Travel to Cuba
  503. 2017-11-08 Scrambling to Track Islamic State Terrorists, Coalition Turns to Biometrics
  504. 2017-11-08 Saudi Arabia Steps Up Military Operation in Yemen and Media Campaign Against Iran
  505. 2017-11-08 Rights Group Calls for Release of Detained Turkish Chairman
  506. 2017-11-08 Puerto Rico Reports Increase in Overall Deaths After Storm
  507. 2017-11-08 Pentagon- Results of Niger Attack Probe Not Expected Until 2018
  508. 2017-11-08 Pence Meets With Texas Church Massacre Victims
  509. 2017-11-08 Minority, LGBT Candidates Win Statewide, Local US Elections
  510. 2017-11-08 Gang With Suspected Neo-Nazi Links Vows to Force Migrants From Greece
  511. 2017-11-08 France Urges Berlin to Seize ‘Historic Opportunity’ on Europe
  512. 2017-11-08 Female Directors are Ready to Topple an Ignoble Oscar Stat
  513. 2017-11-08 Emerging Nations Urge Wealthy Countries to Kick-start Climate Pact Before 2020
  514. 2017-11-08 Egypt’s el-Sissi Warns Iran to Stop ‘Meddling’ in Region
  515. 2017-11-08 EU Pushes Cut in Car Emissions, Boost for Electric Vehicles
  516. 2017-11-08 Duterte Would Tell Trump to 'Lay Off' Human Rights Questions
  517. 2017-11-08 Delhi Schools Shut for Rest of Week as Toxic Smog Thickens, Chokes
  518. 2017-11-08 Cuban Opposition Falls at First Hurdle as Castro Handover Looms
  519. 2017-11-08 Cost to Visit Some US National Parks to Double
  520. 2017-11-08 Climate-hit Nations Ask- Who Will Pay Rising Costs of Disasters-
  521. 2017-11-08 CBO- Republican Tax Plan Would Add .7 Trillion to National Debt
  522. 2017-11-08 At Least Four Dead, 18 Missing in Colombia Landslide
  523. 2017-11-08 Argentine Prosecutor Says Colleague's Death Was Murder
  524. 2017-11-08 Apple Orders Witherspoon, Aniston Drama in TV Push
  525. 2017-11-08 Anger Seethes on Margins of Historic Oil Cleanup in Nigeria's Delta
  526. 2017-11-07 Yellen- Public Trust in Fed Ethics is Critical
  527. 2017-11-07 What a Tangled Web Spiders Weave in Jerusalem Enchanted Forest
  528. 2017-11-07 Venezuelan Journalist Says Freed After 2 Days in Captivity
  529. 2017-11-07 US Opposition to Iraqi Kurdish Independence Stokes Turkish Hopes
  530. 2017-11-07 Turkish Court Upholds 25-year Jail Term for Opposition Lawmaker
  531. 2017-11-07 Trump- Stricter US Gun Laws Would Not Have Stopped Texas Massacre
  532. 2017-11-07 Trump Surprise Trip to DMZ Thwarted by Fog
  533. 2017-11-07 Trump Campaign Adviser Gained 'Incredible Insights' During Moscow Trip
  534. 2017-11-07 Trade, Politics, Religion Draw Turkey to Sub-Saharan Africa
  535. 2017-11-07 Texas Community Consoled With Food, Counseling, Prayer
  536. 2017-11-07 Retired All-Star Pitcher Halladay Killed in Plane Crash
  537. 2017-11-07 Rebuilding 'Hell Square' in Syria’s Raqqa
  538. 2017-11-07 Official Says Puerto Rico Needs ‘Unprecedented’ Federal Help
  539. 2017-11-07 National Assembly- Venezuela's January-October Inflation 826 Percent
  540. 2017-11-07 Lithuania Expects NATO to Reach Deal on Baltic Air Shield
  541. 2017-11-07 Island Nations Fear 'Apocalyptic' Storms Will Overwhelm Them
  542. 2017-11-07 Iowa Governor Seeks Review of Couple's Work for Saudi Arabia
  543. 2017-11-07 In Silicon Valley, the Homeless Illustrate a Growing Divide
  544. 2017-11-07 Immigration Status Unsure for Nicaraguans, Hondurans in US
  545. 2017-11-07 Hariri Exit and Fallout Worry Lebanon, Signal Bolder Saudi Arabia
  546. 2017-11-07 Gerwig Explores Complexities of Growing Up in 'Lady Bird'
  547. 2017-11-07 Exploring Egypt's Great Pyramid From the Inside, Virtually
  548. 2017-11-07 EU- US Lawmakers Aim to Comply with Iran Nuclear Deal
  549. 2017-11-07 EU Eyes Tough Brexit Transition Terms
  550. 2017-11-07 Deaths Spike in South Africa's Deep and Dangerous Mines, Reversing Trend
  551. 2017-11-07 Bin Laden's Son Calls on Followers to Rise in Rebellion
  552. 2017-11-07 Argentine President Says Prosecutor's 2015 Death Was Murder
  553. 2017-11-07 Apollo 12 Astronaut Richard Gordon Dies
  554. 2017-11-07 'Hamilton' Creator Visits Puerto Rico, Announces .5M Fund
  555. 2017-11-06 ‘Paradise Papers’ Reveal Inner Workings of Elite Tax Havens
  556. 2017-11-06 Zimbabwe's Mugabe Fires Popular Vice President
  557. 2017-11-06 What We Know About Sunday's Texas Church Shooting
  558. 2017-11-06 WFP- South Sudan Food Problem 'Worsening'
  559. 2017-11-06 US Commerce Chief Defends Investment in Russian Shipper Linked to Putin Inner Circle
  560. 2017-11-06 US Calls for 'Equal Diligence' in Efforts to Combat Terror Groups in Pakistan
  561. 2017-11-06 Tecumseh- An 'Uncommon Genius'
  562. 2017-11-06 Rebuilding 'Hell Square' in Syria’s Raqqa
  563. 2017-11-06 Pakistani Diplomat Killed in Afghanistan
  564. 2017-11-06 Majestic Mountains of Washington State
  565. 2017-11-06 Lebanon PM Quits, But State Won't Accept His Resignation
  566. 2017-11-06 Kingdom-wide Arrests in Saudi Arabia See Crown Prince Tighten His Grip
  567. 2017-11-06 Egyptian Rights Lawyer Says He'll Run for President in 2018
  568. 2017-11-06 Domestic Dispute With In-laws Said to Have Motivated Texas Church Shooter
  569. 2017-11-06 Both Candidates Claim Momentum in Virginia Governor's Race
  570. 2017-11-06 Bono Among Figures Named in Leak of Tax-haven Documents
  571. 2017-11-06 Amid Outcry, Afghan Officials Rescind Temporary Ban on WhatsApp, Telegram
  572. 2017-11-06 AMISOM Launches Attack Against Al-Shabab in Somalia
  573. 2017-11-05 Venezuelan Opposition Leader Seeks Refuge in Chilean Embassy
  574. 2017-11-05 US Commerce Chief Tied to Russian Shipping Venture, Leaked Documents Show
  575. 2017-11-05 Trump Disapproval Rating at Seven-Decade High for US Presidents
  576. 2017-11-05 Trial Likely in Lawsuit Over Massachusetts City's Election System
  577. 2017-11-05 Simmering Tension Between Islamic School, Government Led to Protests in Eritrea
  578. 2017-11-05 Saudi-led Coalition Intensifies Airstrikes on Houthis after Intercepting Ballistic Missile
  579. 2017-11-05 Saudi King, Trump Talk about Intercepted Missile
  580. 2017-11-05 Pentagon- Invasion Only Way to Destroy North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal
  581. 2017-11-05 Multinationals Grapple with US Republican Excise Tax Surprise
  582. 2017-11-05 More Than 20 Killed in Shooting at Texas Church
  583. 2017-11-05 London Increasingly in Spotlight in Transatlantic Russia Probes
  584. 2017-11-05 Kirkuk- At Least 5 Killed in Suicide Attacks
  585. 2017-11-05 Hundreds Arrested at Anti-Government Rally in Moscow
  586. 2017-11-05 Hezbollah- Riyadh 'Imposed' Resignation of Lebanon's Hariri
  587. 2017-11-05 Flanagan Upsets Keitany, Ends US Drought at NYC Marathon
  588. 2017-11-05 DRC Sets Election Date for December 2018
  589. 2017-11-05 Catalonia's Puigdemont Turns Himself In
  590. 2017-11-04 Zimbabwe Court Orders American Held on Charges of Undermining Mugabe, Subversion
  591. 2017-11-04 US Releases Immigrant Girl with Cerebral Palsy to her Family
  592. 2017-11-04 US Orders Staffers to Leave Somalia Over 'Specific Threat'
  593. 2017-11-04 Typhoon Damrey Kills More Than a Dozen People in Vietnam
  594. 2017-11-04 Trump En Route to Japan, First Stop on Asian Trip
  595. 2017-11-04 Top Saudi Official Ousted, Dozens of Princes Detained
  596. 2017-11-04 Sprint, T-Mobile End Merger Talks
  597. 2017-11-04 Saudi Official Says He Has Confirmed Plot to Kill Hariri
  598. 2017-11-04 Saudi Crown Prince Tackles Extremism on the Road to Social, Economic Reform
  599. 2017-11-04 Saudi Arabia- Missile Intercepted Near International Airport
  600. 2017-11-04 Russia Says No Cooperation with US on North Korea
  601. 2017-11-04 Red Cross- M Lost Through Fraud in Ebola Response Spending
  602. 2017-11-04 Protesters Accuse Australia of Treating Refugees 'Like Animals'
  603. 2017-11-04 Netflix Cuts All Ties with Actor Kevin Spacey
  604. 2017-11-04 Latest JFK Files Call CIA Link to Oswald ‘Unfounded’
  605. 2017-11-04 Kentucky Man Charged in Attack on US Senator Paul
  606. 2017-11-04 Iran Celebrates Anniversary of US Embassy Takeover With Missile Display
  607. 2017-11-04 In Lebanon, Maestro Helps Voices of Refugee Children Rise Above Poverty, Divisions
  608. 2017-11-04 Ex-Catalonian Leader to Comply With European Arrest Warrant
  609. 2017-11-04 Brazile Says She Considered Replacing Clinton With Biden
  610. 2017-11-03 Venezuela Opposition Coalition Split Ahead of New Vote
  611. 2017-11-03 Venezuela Calls Creditors to Debt Talks
  612. 2017-11-03 US Targets Islamic State in Northern Somalia
  613. 2017-11-03 US Lobbyists Missed Red Flags in Manafort-linked Contracts
  614. 2017-11-03 US Lawmakers Propose Sanctions on Myanmar Over Rohingya Crisis
  615. 2017-11-03 UNICEF- Malnutrition Rates Soar Among Rohingya Refugee Children
  616. 2017-11-03 UN Offices Assail Australia's Treatment of Refugees
  617. 2017-11-03 UN Names Special Representative to Haiti
  618. 2017-11-03 Turkey Deploys More Forces in Northern Syria
  619. 2017-11-03 Trump to Extend Philippines Visit to Attend East Asia Summit
  620. 2017-11-03 Trump Calls Russia Probe 'Disgrace,' Wants Clinton Investigation
  621. 2017-11-03 Ohio Waitress Says Model Chrissy Teigen Left ,000 Tip
  622. 2017-11-03 Nigeria Militants End Oil Hub Cease-fire
  623. 2017-11-03 Niger Witness Describes Finding Bodies of US Soldiers
  624. 2017-11-03 New Trump Immigration Efforts Aim to Stop Child Border Crossers
  625. 2017-11-03 Largest US Port Complex Passes Plan to Reach Zero Emissions
  626. 2017-11-03 Judge Proposes May Trial Date for Two Former Trump Campaign Associates
  627. 2017-11-03 Israel's Netanyahu Expresses Hope for US Peace Push in Middle East
  628. 2017-11-03 IS Claim for NYC Attack Raises Questions
  629. 2017-11-03 Ex-Catalan Leader Ready to Run Re-election Campaign From Belgium
  630. 2017-11-03 Ex-Argentina VP Boudou Arrested in Corruption Case
  631. 2017-11-03 EU Calls on Malta to Find Journalist's 'Barbarous' Killers
  632. 2017-11-03 Democrats Cry Foul Over 'Rigged' Primary Election
  633. 2017-11-03 Death of Youth Leader Stirs Tensions in Ivory Coast Cocoa Belt
  634. 2017-11-03 Cryptocurrencies' Market Cap Hits Record 0B as Bitcoin Soars
  635. 2017-11-03 California Asks US for .4 Billion for Wildfire Rebuilding
  636. 2017-11-03 Albanians View Antique Communist-era Spyware in 'House of Leaves'
  637. 2017-11-03 Afghanistan Blocks Social Media Services
  638. 2017-11-02 Viewfinders Unveil Tennessee Fall Colors for the Colorblind
  639. 2017-11-02 Venezuelan Activists Protest Treatment of Jailed Dissidents
  640. 2017-11-02 US Passports to Identify Child Molesters
  641. 2017-11-02 US Navy Orders Back-to-Basics Reforms After Deadly Collisions
  642. 2017-11-02 US House Republicans, Trump Detail New Tax Plan
  643. 2017-11-02 UN- Give Millions of Stateless People Basic Right of Citizenship
  644. 2017-11-02 Twitter Employee 'Inadvertently' Deactivates Trump Account
  645. 2017-11-02 Trump- NYC Attacker Should Get Death Penalty or Guantanamo
  646. 2017-11-02 Tillerson to Visit Myanmar, Join Trump on Asia Trip
  647. 2017-11-02 Singer, Fiddler Rhiannon Giddens Crosses Musical Divides
  648. 2017-11-02 Sierra Leone Mudslide Exposes Peril of Freetown's Sprawl
  649. 2017-11-02 Pressure Mounts on Apple to Live Up to Hype for iPhone X
  650. 2017-11-02 Powell Brings Gift for Forging Consensus to Fed Job
  651. 2017-11-02 Officials Disagree on Puerto Rico Power Restoration Timeline
  652. 2017-11-02 North Korean Threat to Top Trump's Agenda in Asia
  653. 2017-11-02 New, Endangered Orangutan Species Found in Indonesia
  654. 2017-11-02 NASA- Earth's Ozone Hole Shrinks to Smallest Since 1988
  655. 2017-11-02 Ivanka Trump- World Needs More Women in STEM Fields
  656. 2017-11-02 GOP Senators- Fate of 'Dreamers' Must Wait for Next Year
  657. 2017-11-02 Former Trump Officials Lose Bid to End House Arrest
  658. 2017-11-02 Ethiopian Runner, a New Yorker at Heart, Aims for NYC Marathon Win
  659. 2017-11-02 Cuba Official Accuses US of Lying About Sonic Attacks
  660. 2017-11-02 Central Africa Regional Bloc Creates Six-country Visa-Free Zone
  661. 2017-11-02 Bangladesh Envoy to US- Atrocity Against Rohingya 'Ethnic Cleansing'
  662. 2017-11-02 Astros' World Series Triumph Lifts Houston Amid Harvey Recovery
  663. 2017-11-02 Argentines' Reunion Trip to New York Detours to Tragedy
  664. 2017-11-01 Uzbeks Express Shock, Send Condolences Over NYC Attack
  665. 2017-11-01 US Votes Against UN Measure to Lift Economic Embargo on Cuba
  666. 2017-11-01 US Social Media Companies Grilled on Russian Disinformation
  667. 2017-11-01 Trump Signs GOP Repeal of Consumer Banking Rule
  668. 2017-11-01 Trump Blames Immigration Lottery, Calls US Justice 'A Joke' After NYC Attack
  669. 2017-11-01 Terror 'Will Not Win' in NYC
  670. 2017-11-01 South Sudan Media Regulator Bans Press Groups, Raising Censorship Fears
  671. 2017-11-01 South African Soccer President Denies Raping Singer in 1993
  672. 2017-11-01 Saudi Women Riled by Robot With No Hjiab and More Rights Than Them
  673. 2017-11-01 Report- White House Has Told Powell He Will Be New Fed Chief
  674. 2017-11-01 Puerto Rico Seeks Help as Medicaid Crisis Deepens After Maria
  675. 2017-11-01 Presidents of Sudan, South Sudan Confer in Khartoum
  676. 2017-11-01 Ousted Catalan Leader Says Will Not Return to Spain to Testify
  677. 2017-11-01 On Climate Change, It's Trump vs Markets
  678. 2017-11-01 Niger Defense Minister Asks US to Deploy Armed Drones Against Militants
  679. 2017-11-01 NY Police- Terror Suspect Carried Out Rampage 'In Name of ISIS'
  680. 2017-11-01 Mexicans Dismayed by Rise of Trump's Border Wall
  681. 2017-11-01 Merit-based Versus Family-based Immigration Explained
  682. 2017-11-01 Malaysia Investigating Reported Leak of 46 Million Mobile Users' Data
  683. 2017-11-01 Khamenei- Iran, Russia Should Cooperate to Isolate US, Foster Mideast Stability
  684. 2017-11-01 Hamas Gives Up Control of Gaza Border Crossings
  685. 2017-11-01 Flint Bottles Hope from Its Toxic Water Crisis
  686. 2017-11-01 Ecuador President Removed as Head of Ruling Party Amid Feud
  687. 2017-11-01 Deadly Navy Collisions in Western Pacific Were ‘Avoidable-’ Top Navy Officer
  688. 2017-11-01 Costumes from NY Theaters Find New Life on Other Stages
  689. 2017-11-01 Colombia's FARC Leader Timochenko to Run for Presidency in 2018
  690. 2017-11-01 CIA Releases New Tranche of Materials Seized in 2011 bin Laden Raid
  691. 2017-11-01 Analysts- Islamic State’s Global Reach Shrinking

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